We still have a lot of titles available!


We're in danger of being buried alive beneath the sheer mass of books that have piled up here, so some of them need to go! One-of-a-kind publisher's proofs and books with slight cosmetic defects, 5 for $25 (or single copies for $7.50 each). We'll even throw in a free ebook copy (if available) of any titles you order!


One caveat: we're very sorry, but we can only make this offer available in the US due to shipping costs.


Head over to our Overstock Sale page for more details.


*This is the current list of titles. We will remove titles from the website as copies are sold.


Horror, Supernatural, Science Fiction, Mystery, Crime

Colin Wilson - Man Without a Shadow x 1
Colin Wilson - The Philosopher's Stone x 1

Michael McDowell - Cold Moon Over Babylon (D) x 1
Michael McDowell - Cold Moon Over Babylon (D - matte cover/not final cover)
Michael McDowell - Cold Moon Over Babylon x 3

Michael McDowell - Gilded Needles (D) x 2
Michael McDowell - Gilded Needles x1

Michael McDowell - Katie (D) x 1
Michael McDowell - Katie x2

Michael McDowell - The Amulet (D) x 1
Michael McDowell - The Amulet x2

Michael McDowell - The Elementals (D) x 5
Michael McDowell - The Elementals x 3

Russell Thorndike - The Master of the Macabre x 1
Stephen Gilbert - Ratman's Notebooks x 1

Gay Interest

Colin Spencer - Panic (P) x 1
Forrest Reid - Uncle Stephen (P) x 1
Forrest Reid - The Retreat (P) x 1
Hugh Fleetwood - Foreign Affairs (P) x 1
Hunter Davies - Body Charge (P) x 1
Kenneth Martin - Waiting for the Sky to Fall (P) x 1
Martyn Goff - Indecent Assault (P) x 1
Martyn Goff - The Plaster Fabric (P) x 1
Martyn Goff - The Youngest Director (P) x 1
Robin Maugham - Behind the Mirror (P) x 1

Literary Fiction

A.E. Ellis - The Rack (P) x 1
C.H.B. Kitchin - A Short Walk in Williams Park (P) x 1
C.H.B. Kitchin - Birthday Party (P) x 1
C.H.B. Kitchin - The Sensitive One (P) x 1
Claude Houghton - A Hair Divides (P) x 1
Claude Houghton - Julian Grant Loses His Way (P) x 1
Colin Wilson - Necessary Doubt (P) x 1
Colin Wilson - The World of Violence (P) x 1

David Storey - Pasmore (P) x 1
David Storey - Radcliffe  (P) x 1
David Storey - Saville (P) x 1
Francis King - The Man on the Rock (P) x 1
Francis King - To the Dark Tower (P) x 1
Isabel Colegate - The Blackmailer (P) x 1
J.B. Priestley - The Thirty-First of June (P) x 1
John Braine - Room at the Top  (P) x 2
John Braine - Room at the Top x 1

John Hampson - Saturday Night at the Greyhound (P) x 1
John Wain - A Winter in the Hills (P) x 1
John Wain - Strike the Father Dead (P) x 1
John Wain - The Smaller Sky (P) x 1
Keith Waterhouse - Jubb (P) x 1
Michael Frayn - A Very Private Life (P) x 1    *a couple light markings in the margins
Michael Frayn - Matchbox Theatre (D) x 5
Michael Frayn - Matchbox Theatre x 9

Michael Frayn - Sweet Dreams (P) x 1
Michael Frayn - The Russian Interpreter (P) x 1
Michael Frayn - The Tin Men (P) x 1    **a couple light markings in the margins
Michael Frayn - Towards the End of the Morning (P) x 1    **a couple light markings in the margins
Michael Nelson - Knock or Ring (P) x 1
Nevil Shute - An Old Captivity (P) x 1
Nevil Shute - Landfall (P) x 1
Piers Paul Read - Monk Dawson (P) x 1
Russell Hoban - Kleinzeit (P) x 1
Russell Hoban - Pilgermann (P) x 1
Russell Hoban - The Lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz (P) x 1
Thomas Hinde - Mr. Nicholas (P) x 1