New Release


Our sixth and final (for now, anyway) volume by the great Gerald Kersh is now up for order: NEITHER MAN NOR DOG (1946), a collection of 37 short stories that the Times Literary Supplement called "explosive with violence ... For entertainment of a strong kind, Mr. Kersh would be hard to beat." Featuring a mix of tales ranging from weird and horrific to humorous and moving, it's quintessential Kersh. Featuring new cover art by Lorenzo Princi.




Book Description


This collection of 37 stories by a master of the form features tales that are sometimes funny, sometimes violent, and sometimes weird and nightmarish: in short, it is quintessential Gerald Kersh. Kersh (1911-1968) published more than thirty books, including the noir classic Night and the City (1938) and Fowlers End (1957), which Anthony Burgess called "one of the great comic novels of the century," as well as hundreds of short stories which were once ubiquitous in British and American magazines. But though he has been championed by Angela Carter, Harlan Ellison, Ian Fleming, Michael Moorcock and others, Kersh has undeservedly fallen into neglect since his death. This is the first-ever reprint of Neither Man Nor Dog (1946), one of the author’s scarcest volumes.  

Kersh’s novels Fowlers End and The Great Wash and the short story collections Nightshade and DamnationsOn an Odd Note, and Clock Without Hands are also available from Valancourt.