New release! IN THE EYES OF MR FURY by Philip Ridley, acclaimed playwright and the visionary director of The Reflecting Skin, is the world's first LGBT magical realist epic. A rewritten and expanded new edition of the original 1989 cult classic, it has been hailed by critics as 'a dark tale of death, sex, devils and fantasy', 'hauntingly original', and 'brave and ingenious'. Trust us, you don't want to miss this one! Available in paperback, ebook, or an exclusive hardcover edition accompanied by an original signed art card.



Book Description

On the day Concord Webster turned eighteen, the Devil died. The Devil’s real name was Judge Martin, but Concord’s mother called him the Devil. She said he boiled babies for dinner and made lampshades out of human skin. So why did she, who hated him so venomously, have a key to his house? 

The key will unlock more than just Judge’s front door. It will also unlock a multitude of stories - where magic children talk to crows, men disappear in piles of leaves, and James Dean lookalikes kiss in dark alleys - and reveal a secret history that will change Concord’s life forever.

Philip Ridley’s second novel (following the sexually charged tour de force Crocodilia) was an instant cult classic when originally published in 1989. Now, for this new edition, Ridley has reimagined the story, expanding the original short novel into the world’s first LGBT magical realist epic. A vast, labyrinthine, hall-of-mirrors saga, its breathtaking imagery and stunning plot twists – covering over a hundred years – reveal Ridley to be one of the most distinctive and innovative voices in contemporary fiction.


‘Philip Ridley’s stories compel attention.’ - The Times (London)

'The small-town drama is shot through with a tangible sense of the supernatural, conveyed in a prose style that takes enormous risks.' - Time Out

‘Ridley is the master of modern myth.’ - The Guardian

'Hauntingly original.' - Mail on Sunday

‘Ridley is a visionary.’ - Rolling Stone

'Brave and ingenious' - Sunday Telegraph

'A dark tale of death, sex, devils and fantasy.' - Evening Standard

'What really sets this book apart are the fantastical and dream-like aspects of the story, qualities that may owe more to Latin American and Continental influences than any native tradition ... And the story itself is baroque and highly coloured. It's a bold and interesting departure ... well paced and told in an elegantly spare style.' - Adam Lively, Punch

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