Though he's won numerous awards and has a large following internationally, Christopher Priest is best known in the U.S. as the author of THE PRESTIGE (1995), which was adapted by Christopher Nolan for a hit Hollywood film. But all his books are worth reading, especially THE AFFIRMATION (1981), a genre-defying literary mindgame that we both loved.



Book Description


Peter Sinclair, a 29-year-old Londoner, is reeling after losing his father, his girlfriend, his job and his flat. Taking refuge in a friend’s rural cottage, he tries to make sense of things and figure out where his life began to go wrong by writing an autobiography. But it is possible that none of this is true . . . 

Peter Sinclair is a 31-year-old native of the city of Jethra in Faiandland who has just won the grand prize in a lottery: a trip to the Dream Archipelago, a neverending series of idyllic islands, where he will undergo a medical procedure that gives him immortality. Because the process also results in total amnesia, Peter must first set down all the details of his life in a manuscript in order to recover the memories afterwards. But it is also possible that none of this is true . . .

As the two narratives intersect and intertwine, the reader must decide what is real and what is not in this brilliant literary mindgame from Christopher Priest, the award-winning author of The Prestige and The Separation.




“Priest writes extraordinarily well . . . his best novel to date . . . an atmosphere of increasingly oppressive menace.” – Francis King, The Spectator

“There is a compulsive, dreamlike quality about The Affirmation that defies definition.” – Daily Telegraph

“An original and haunting novel.” – London Times

“A brilliant and sustained novel of imaginative power.” – Vector