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Our newest reissue is by Robin Maugham (nephew of Somerset Maugham), who at his peak was among the most popular novelists in England. Which is surprising, maybe, since his novels dealt openly with homosexuality and featured very dark, disturbing plots. BEHIND THE MIRROR (1955), which Francis King called one of Maugham's best, is a riveting psychological thriller that's hard to put down. Reproduces the original jacket art by the noted gay artist John Minton, who committed suicide in 1957. (US only on this one, sorry!)



Book Description


A film company is making a movie about Daphne Moore, a famous actress of the 1920s, but to proceed they must secure the permission of Norman Hartleigh, a former diplomat once deeply involved with the star. So far, the reclusive Hartleigh has ignored all communications, so scriptwriter David Brent is sent to East Africa to track him down. When Hartleigh refuses to cooperate, Brent resolves to learn why and must uncover the details of his relationship with Daphne Moore, the real reason for his abrupt resignation from the Foreign Office in 1928, and the true nature of his involvement with his young companion, Bill Wayne. In a dramatic climax, the whole truth of what lies "behind the mirror" is exposed, with shattering consequences ...

Robin Maugham (1916-1981), who at the height of his career was one of the most popular authors in England, is best known today for his novella The Servant (1948), The Wrong People (1967), a controversial novel and classic of gay fiction, and his writings about his famous uncle, W. Somerset Maugham. Behind the Mirror (1955), the first of his explicitly gay-themed novels, is both a page-turning mystery and an acutely insightful psychological thriller. This new edition reproduces the original jacket art by John Minton.


‘One of Lord Maugham's best novels.’ – Francis King, Spectator

‘Never ceases to be entertaining.’ – New Yorker

‘Exciting and compelling ... This is one of those small books that says a lot more than many bulkier volumes.’ – Saturday Review

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