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An homage to H.G. Wells, Christopher Priest's THE SPACE MACHINE (1976) is a SF adventure set in the Victorian era and drawing on elements of Wells's The War of the Worlds and The Time Machine. A young couple, Edward and Amelia, find themselves inadvertently hurtled through space and time and must thwart an invasion of Earth by grotesque, octopus-like monsters! A terrifically fun read from the author of The Prestigeand other classics.



Book Description


When a young Victorian couple inadvertently tamper with Sir William Reynolds’s latest invention, a time-space machine, they find themselves flung not only into the future but also across the void of space. Now, trapped on an alien world with a landscape of weird vegetation and overseen by giant, long-legged machines operated by gruesome octopus-like creatures, they must find a way to survive. And when they learn that the monsters are plotting an invasion of Earth, can they find a way to return home and save the planet?




“This is an astonishing change of pace for Mr. Priest, and one which extends his powers in ways which reveal him as one of the best and most persuasive young British writers.” - The Times (London)

“First rate . . . science fiction at its best!” - Los Angeles Herald-Examiner

“A novel that is unusual for its kind, a science fiction story with recognizable characters and a sense of style, atmosphere and humour. Imaginative and full of amusing curiosities.” - SundayExpress


Paperback and ebook available in the US and CA


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