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If you like fast-paced tales of adventure, shipwrecks, survival, shark attacks, pirates, and cannibals (and, really, who doesn't?) you'll want to pick up R. M. Ballantyne's THE CORAL ISLAND (1857), a perennial bestseller that appears now in a new scholarly edition with an introduction and notes by Profs. Ralph Crane & Lisa Fletcher, and all the original illustrations by the author. Certainly one of the most popular YA novels of the Victorian era, it's also a direct influence on Stevenson's Treasure Island and Golding's Lord of the Flies.



Book Description


Three teenage boys, the sole survivors of a shipwreck, find themselves marooned on a deserted island in the South Pacific. With little more than a telescope and a broken knife, the youths must find food and shelter and learn to survive. But though the coral island is a tropical paradise, full of natural beauty and exotic fruits and wildlife, dangers and adventures abound: sharks, pirates, and even bloodthirsty cannibals!